Client Rewards Program


Refer a Client

You will receive 10 points for Every  *New Client you refer to the service.


A minimum of 60 Points is required for Redemption.

No limit on the amount of Points you can earn.

Program is subject to change at any time.

*New Client must complete 1 session before Points are rewarded

Health and Wellness Partners

Infrared Sauna + Chromotherapy


Infrared sauna is an experience unlike any other.  Full Spectrum infrared saunas are from Clearlight by Jacuzzi® and feature built in LED Chromotherapy, or, color light therapy, Designed to enhance the soothing and energizing benefits of your infrared sauna session.

Some of the benefits of infrared sauna include:

>Improved digestion

> Enhanced circulation and inflammatory control

> 300-600 Calories burned per session

> Flushed impurities and toxins from skin (for that GLOW)

> Improved mood, energy and vitality

> Relief from anxiety and racing thoughts

Concierge Movement clients will receive 20% off Infrared Treatments.